I surrender, time to straighten out my login credentials and make all 3 hubs have the same.
I hit the site, it shows 2 of three hubs.
Somewhere I have lost my ability to log in.
Then I set up a new account for one of them.
Now I am trying to replace one of the three with new.
It shows as new on the portal, I just cannot seem to see all three, or get into the new one to replace one that I feel is suspect. (had power issues, cold solder joint)
What information do I provide to support to straighten out my mess (that I got myself into) and have all three on one account, with new password?
as the title says HELP, I sure would like my morning start routine to have my coffee pot on when it is time to get up...

they'll need the emails to your accounts. That's a great place to start. They should be able to see your hub registration with that.