Help writing Rule

I know this will probably be very simple to do but I just haven't got my head wrapped around Rule Machine 4 yet. I want to have RM turn off a switch when the wife and I "both" are away and back on when "either of use arrives home. I have HSM working fine whereby it detects our presence or lack of and Arms and Disarms perfectly. Not sure if I should use Modes or what. Also, not sure how to write it. Any help appreciated.

I had a lot of help writing a rule for my HSM arming and disarming from Bruce @bravenel (He wrote it and I essentially just duplicated it). I just added a switch to test. Hopefully, Bruce will confirm that this is the correct way as I am not much more than a Rule Machine 4 novice myself.

Thanks! That actually looks like something I could modify to work!

Using this rule, I eliminated modes for arming and disarming the HSM. I was having issues with the modes being used for both the HSM and the Thermostat Scheduler as what I needed for the TS meant that the HSM was automatically disarming when I wanted to control that manually while we are home.

I hope you can get it figured out. Even with Bruce's providing the information and example, it took me a while to get my head wrapped around Rule Machine 4 to figure out how to duplicate his work.

Thanks again!