Help with Washer Voltage trigger

I keep asking this question and for over a year I still can't get this to work. The problem is I'm told to use Rule Machine and I have no clue how to run it. Then people show me a snap shot of their rule and it does me no good as I don't know how to create it. I just need someone to tell me step by step how to set this up. After I see it done I'll understand Rules and can figure it out.

I have a Older Washing Machine. I have a Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15 attached to the washer. I'm trying to get notified when the washer is done and voice announcement with Alexa.

If someone could help that would be great I'm pretty much getting tired of fighting this I keep creating rules and deleting them as I can only test them on the weekend when I do a load of wash.

hard to describe step by step..
first do you have rule machine installed.
are you on latest f/w

if so it may be easier to try and import my rule.. and change the device (s) to yours. you can import from clicking on just "rule machine" in the apps list..

then yhou would tweak your rule for wattage (not voltage) and time..

also post your settings for the zen15 itself..

Have you considered not trying to use Rule Machine for this, but instead use an app? Determining when a washing machine is finished, as opposed to soaking, filling, "cooling down", etc. is more than I'd want to tackle in RM. Regardless of approach, though, it is going to take some real fine tuning of conditions based on what your specific washer does and what cycles you typically run. I would much rather twiddle with those variables in a settings page than modifying conditions in RM!

Maybe this video will help

I've tried everything.... I Give Up! I had this working perfect in Smartthings. I've been dealing with this for over a year and I'm just tired of trying to get this to work.

Kahn, I tried your script and I get like 10 messages over and over of the same thing even while the Washing machine is running.

I'm just worn out trying. Maybe later I'll start my ST hub back up just for the washing machine.

I have been using this successfully:

Name of Rule: Laundry - Washer is Done

Comments: Uses Power Monitoring (Tasmota modded Sonoff S31 Outlets) on Washer and Dryer to notify when Wash Cycle is done. Announcements are made by 2 different Alexa Routines triggered by virtual contact switches (w/auto off) on designated Echo devices. If Washer load is done but Dryer is still in use, then Alexa announces “Wash is done but dryer is in use. I will let you know when the dryer is available”. If Washer is done and Dryer is not in use, then Alexa simply announces “Wash load is done. Please transfer laundry to Dryer”. Private Boolean prevents repeated announcements per washer cycle. Delay assures false notifications are prevented during lulls in washer cycle (between various wash or spin cycles). Similar Rule for Dryer announces when Dryer is done. Can be easily modded to also include Pushover notifications if desired (WAF dictated that only Alexa Announcements were desired in my use case).

No false announcements. I posted this under a now relatively inactive thread called “List of Rules” IIRC (not sure). This old thread was actually a nice collection of rules contributors came up with.

Maybe this will help. Note: uses Power monitoring, not Voltage monitoring (want to measure amps drawn, not voltage)