Help with using Buttons

I've paired a Xiaomi button (WKXG01LM) and having difficulty keeping it paired. However, it stays paired to my mesh for nearly 24 hrs or more with the nearby Ikea wall outlet which makes the signal strength better.

My challenge is with the button app. I've set it up a fairly simple button controller setup where I'd like to turn on/off an inovelli wall switch using the Xiaomi button. Seems straightforward: tap button and light turns on. Tap it again and it turns off. Problem is that it DOES turn on the light but won't turn it off. The wall switch (Inovelli red series dimmer) and Xiaomi button seem to be functioning properly when I look at events. For example, I see the button tap that should turn on and the button tap that should turn off. But it doesn't turn-off

Any guidance?

Is your Inovelli switch reporting on /off states when you look at the device details?

Now that you mention it... No. It doesn't seem to be generating a lot of events or on/off states.

If you’ve got adequate Z-Wave repeaters, then you probably going to want to Exclude it, Factory reset, then Join again.

If that doesn’t do the trick, you may need to use Z-Wave poller if it’s not Z-Wave Plus (sorry. Not familiar with that switch). If it is Z-Wave Plus, then try a refresh in the driver and see if the status updates.

You were correct! The device had paired initially but with weak signal and wasn't reporting status. ...which is something odd that I've encountered with two separate Z-wave devices where they can be included and controlled but don't report and don't function properly.

Roort-cause is my hub is in the basement, this dimmer on the 2nd flr, and my z-wave plus mesh was weak. Just added a zwave switched outlet on floor 1, removed/excluded this switch, and included it again. All is good now and the switch properly reports status and works with the button. Thank you!


You're a smart man. If more people would just follow this example, stay calm and look at the situation logically like you did, we'd have fewer post that end up in these long rants about how the hub is no good when all along it's just a radio signal that was obstructed.

Well done! :+1:


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