Help with time of day button command

I have a button rule I set up a while back that worked but after an update a little while ago it has become picky on when it works and when it doesn't. I haven't dove into using Modes yet so this rule is probably easily done if I used that instead. While waiting to make the dive into modes I was hoping I could get some extra insight on how to get this working again. What I want to happen is when I push button 1, if any of the living room lights are on - turn them off. If the lights are ALL off then I want it to turn them on at a specific color and brightness depending on the time of day. If its between sunrise and 730 then turn them on to 2700k and a level of 100. If its after 730 and before sunrise them turn them on to 2700k and a level of 30. I have attached a photo of my current rule for reference. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

That looks like it should work to me (but tip: if you have access to a desktop or at least a larger screen, rules are normally easier to read). You're technically missing two END-IFs as your last two actions (to "close out" both of your IF THENs), but RM will infer those just fine, and it won't affect the outcome.

If the rule isn't working as you'd expect, I'd recommend turning on logging (and then checking "Logs," in either real time with "Current Logs" or for the recent past with "Past Logs"). At least trigger and action logging will probably be the most helpful. That will tell you what the rule is doing and when. A lot of times, things that look like problems with rules are actually problem with the devices--e.g., being sent the command but not actually doing anything in response--and this will help you narrow that down. (If that guess is correct, you can also try playing around with commands on the device page itself to see if you can figure anything out, and it might be good to know what kind of bulbs those are; some are problematic if paired directly to Hubitat.)

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I will play around with logging and report back. Thanks!