Help with this alert rule?

it never work right so i pulled it into the rule machine to try and get it right

basically if garage door is up more that 5 minute set some lights red - works

wait for doors closed - turn off (work like ti figure out how to set group state lol)

dev:5212023-01-08 15:03:29.497infoGarage door small contact was closed
app:4862023-01-08 15:04:54.083infoAction: Wait for event: Garage door small contact contact closed

app:4862023-01-08 15:04:53.980infoAction: Set color: kitchen table 1, Alli Corner Light, Entryway floor lamp middle , Office WALL , Alli Middle Light Red Level: 100

app:4862023-01-08 15:04:53.934infoDelay Over: Delay 0:05:00

app:4862023-01-08 14:59:53.905infoAction: Delay 0:05:00

app:4862023-01-08 14:59:53.806infoEvent: Garage door small contact contact open

it was closed but light(s) still on ?

(tried this in notification too)

My first impulse is to recommend you change the Trigger by adding a "and Stays... (5:00)" which serves better than the "Delay 5:00" in Actions, which you could then remove.

More to say but I cannot easily type on a phone sorry.


That would be my recommendation as well. Add the stay for 5 minutes in the trigger.

Then, the delay and if conditions can be deleted. The rest all looks good.

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@Sebastien @LibraSun
like this ?

also side bar: is it require to click "update rule" on any changes? or does clicking done install the new rule?

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Clicking Update Rule and Done both save changes and initialize the rule. The only difference is Update Rule allows you to stay in the rule while Done exits the rule.

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You've got it right! Now the rule won't trigger unless the garage door remains open for 5 minutes, and it won't execute if the door gets closed before 5 minutes.

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thank you I just tested once and it turn off the light this time when the door closed ill let it try a couple times before calming victory.

edit is there a limit to the "wait for event" ?


No, there is no practical limit to the Wait for Event. However, in most cases I do add a Timeout to it in case the follow-up actions are something I eventually want done everyday, like turning off a fan.


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