Help with thermostat controller app

I would like to have a single dashboard device that I can use to set the heating setpoint of multiple physical thermostats. I want the physical thermostats to continue to work independently. I believe that the "thermostat controller app" is what I want to use. However, when I change the heating setpoint on the controlling thermostat, it does not change the heating setpoint on any of the controlled thermostats. I am attaching a screenshot of the setup.

Not 100% sure what you meant by that but Thermostat Controller, by design, does not let individual thermostats "work independently".

I would think Thermostat Scheduler would be better suited to your need. I use Thermostat Scheduler to simultaneously control setpoints on a bunch of thermostats (one of which happens to be a thermostat controller :wink: )

What I would do for this is:

  1. Setup a Hub Variable
  2. Setup a Rule Machine rule:
    Trigger: Hub Variable Changes
    Action: Update Heating Setpoint on all those thermostats
  3. Add the variable on the dashboard
  4. Enjoy!

@hubitrep @Sebastien - thank you both.

I ended up creating a virtual thermostat.

Then I created a rule that triggered when the heat setpoint of the virtual thermostat changed.

This rule has two actions. First, I set a variable to the virtual thermostat heating setpoint. Then I set the heating setpoint of my three thermostats to the variable.


Action 1:

Action 2

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That’s a great solution!

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