Help with the Iphone/Http sensors apps

I have started using the iphone/http sensor apps to do presence, and it has been reliable in the 2 weeks I have used it. I have been using my and my wife's phone as testers. So I decided that the apps are really reliable in doing presence so I tried to do my kids phone so here lies the reason I need assistance, my children, especially da boi likes to download all sorts of things and go on any sites just to mention these are grown kids living home. When I set the apps up for them they don't seem to work, I am sure it's because I have me and my wife's phone on the main network and my kids on the guest network to keep their download habits away from the main network so I'm sure this is the reason why the app isn't working properly. So is there any way that I can get the apps to work short of putting their devices on the main network also.

The HTTP presence is based on being able to access the phones when they are on your network. If you have them on their own isolated network, there is no way for them to be found, since they aren't on your network. There are several options but they are all extremely complicated and would involve another device to do the "checking" on the other network.

Thanx for the answer Ryan, I was figuring as much but was just hoping that wasn't the case man i'm going to hate this I just can predict whats going to happen. Geez those darn kids just cant stay of sketchy sites and my son just can't stop torrenting, I can just see a virus coming as soon as I put them over onto the main network.

He torrents from his phone? Well, nothing says you have to use their phones for presence. You could get them something like the ST Arrival Sensor.

Why don't you use Homekit for presence. One caveat is that your need a "recent" apple tv or ipad.
You can install a homebridge server on your local network and associate his phone with Homekit. You can then turn on a virtual switch in Hubitat when he arrives and turn it off when he leaves.

The phone can be on any network or cellular, doesn't have to be on the same has the homebridge server.

Take a look here:

and here:

I am with @Ryan780, I think that there is a way to make it a bit less complicated

Sorry for the 2 day reply was off at work. I have tried the ST arrival sensors they were just horrid this is before the battery hack came out. They kept dropping off the network at like 4am and scaring the pajesus out of the ball and chain, so I had to get rid of those things quick. But like I said this was before the whole battery hack thing well at least when I found that you could hack them the only way I could use those agin would be with the hack and man I just don’t want to have to do that kind of work.