Help with some possible out of range Z-Wave devices

So I have two GE Outdoor Wireless Z-Wave Plus Plugin Switches 14284 that are located right next to each other but pretty far away (100 ft +/-) from any other Z-wave device.

Range is clearly an issue with these devices. In the past a Z-Wave repair and sometimes manually turning the devices on/off did the trick but its simply not reliable enough.

Over the weekend I had an older Fibaro Z-Wave contact sensor I was able to put in my backyard to hopefully leverage the Z-Wave plus to complete the mesh but to no avail.

Since then I have rebuilt the Z-Wave network twice and my Z-Wave shows these are the only two devices that have not received any command.

I've tried my best to follow the Z-Wave guide (very nice BTW), to no avail. Any ideas or tips?

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Isn't that a battery device? It won't repeat, would eat the battery in hours.

Is there a place where you can put another switch or plug in to repeat? That seems the only option. Battery devices will not repeat. Maybe an outdoor smartplug?

Sigh. I have to figure something out.

If you happen to have an outside receptacles on each building, you could hang two more of those.

On the other side, hang the same outdoors. 100' unobstructed might work. Inside the house to one of these, should be good, given it often will reach the whole 100'. It repeats over the 100' to the one outside without having to be reduced by that wall.

You could start with just one, on the outside of the house. It might be just barely good enough. Return the 2nd one if true, use it if false. :slight_smile:

If you have an outdoor floodlight, the Homeseer HS-FLS100+ (Z-Wave Plus floodlight control with motion & lux sensor) can probably be added to it ; it makes a good outdoor repeater. I have a (non-plus Z-Wave) motion sensor connecting to it from about 80' away in my backyard. With all Z-Wave Plus devices you would likely see even better range. As a motion sensor it has very few false triggers when used outdoors (but the detection field is quite limited).

Do you need a motion activated floodlight for a while any flood light work?

Any.. that product adds the motion sensing and a/c powered ZWave too. (Meaning a repeater)

May I suggest a device that I've had great success with...
The GoControl LBR30Z-1 by Nortek. It's a zwave plus LED Par38 Light Bulb (pairs as a generic zwave smart switch). Looks like a regular Par38 Light Bulb - and acts as a repeater.

says "indoor".

I think if he's trying to 'leap' that 100' space between buildings, he'd need an outdoor device. Don't get me wrong, I have a Domitech that is outdoor, in the rain, and works just fine BUT I knew that I was taking the risk.

This is exactly what I did. I have a detached garage thats 55-60 feet from the house. I have an added challenge of having the 5th wheel block any kind of ground level line of sight to the garage. What I did was mount a GE ZW-Plus outdoor receptacle on the side of the house, 15 feet up, and another on the garage, kinda in a line of sight.

As a backup there are 2 Iris SmartPlug in the 3rd floor attic against the outside wall with no insulation which looks down over the garage.

As others have said I would mount another outdoor module on the house in a line of sight from your garage. That might be enough.

@JDogg016 I'm having the same dilemma trying to connect my garage to my barn. I have 2 inovelli wall switches beside the mandoor in the garage facing the barn, and an outside receptacle immediately outside that door just under the switches. The barn is about 30ft line of sight to another mandoor with another inovelli switch just inside that door.

I have tried a leviton zwave plus in the outside receptacle with no luck (it paired but flaky and wouldnt pass the zwave repair). I have ordered a zooz that i will try in the same location tonight. Not to hijack the thread just have a very similar case and I'll keep you posted.

This is the zooz i ordered:

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