Help with setting up alarm

i am trying to hook up my Konnected Alarm panel
Keep getting ERROR 500
a server error has occured
when i try to add konnected device on APPS

Could you take a screenshot of the last working page before the error 500?

loaded up home security in the app section.
Hubitat Safety monitor is loaded, ARMED away and armed smoke

now what
I open the door and there is no alarm, no flashing lights, no sms text message.....I am missing a step

Probably, did you added the contacts to HSM? Did you tested the contact in devices section that it is changing to open or to close? You can have a logs window opened and see the logs too.

Yes, sensors are working. when I open door and close door, it does detect activity.
when I set alarm and open a door, nothing happens, no text alert. do I need to sign up for a push service such as PUSHOVER service in order to get SMS message
not sure if fill info on phone correctly
is it +1<4159411769> or 14159411769 in format set up?
Wanted to know how to connect to the hub if I am away from home. seems like hub only accessible while I am at home ( LAN) . IF i am away from home, then using WAN, right. so how do I connect to the hub? Not sure if is the answer

Hubitat seems less user friendly compared to SMARTTHINGS hub which I chose not to purchase because it runs on cloud( internet dependent and supposedly slower.) I understand SMARTthings has push notification if door is open, alarm triggered. Does Hubitat have that capability yet.
When will Hubitat have a dedicated APP on ios, apple phone

Should be +14159411769, but I suggest to use Pushover, the text function has a 10 text limit per day.

Sharptools works fine for away control but not to modify the hub settings, for hub settings you should use a VPN ( very easy with a raspberry pi)

Using Pushover and Rule Machine you can get all notifications you want.

Mobile app is in the process, no ETA yet.

You can use the built in dashboard to access your home when you are away:

to get SMS text message, do I have to sign up for PUSHOVER or is that automatic
is there a cost to text messaging service

text messaging is included, however we limit it to 10 per day. If you want to do push messages to your phone, you can use pushover but that is a separate service you have to sign up for.

what is difference between using HUBITAT Dashboard vs using

Tesla X vs Porsche Cayenne

If all you're doing is grocery shopping.. then either will do.

Hubitat Dashboard runs locally on the Hubitat hub. I believe Sharptools is a cloud-based service (but I am not 100% sure.)

The Hubitat Dashboard can be accessed with a local or cloud URL.

Can someone give a detailed way of setting up PUSHOVER to get unlimited number of notifications
Hubitat works with Pushover but we are limited to 10 text per day
I did some searching and I think pushover need to be virtual device

Hubitat supports SMS Text messaging with a limit of 10 messages per day.

Pushover support was added to help alleviate the 10 SMS msg per day limit. I wrote the original Pushover Device Driver for Hubitat, which Hubitat then integrated as a native, fully supported driver. To create the Pushover Device, simply go to the Devices page, click Add Virtual Device, then give it a name and DeviceNetworkID, and select the Pushover Driver. Once the virtual device is added, you can configure the Device with your Pushover credentials.

You can find directions for its use in this thread.

I had this all setup in Hubitat and it seemed to be working fine and then on Nov. 4th they stopped working. I have been away since the 3rd so nothing was done to change anything. Not sure what I should do to rectify this? Do I need to re-install it again?

Can you explain what stopped working? This thread had some meandering regarding a few different devices/apps. Just not sure what issue you’re having.