Help with set global variable to HSM alert status for dashboard tile

I find it odd that when my home alarm is blaring, there is no indication of this in the dashboard. For this reason, I woud like to make a dashboard tile that indicates if HSM is in intrusion or intrusion delay mode.

I thought the best way to do this would be setting a global string variable in Rule Machine to the status of the HSM Alert and then a variable tile on the dashboard that display the current string of that variable. Something like:
IF HSM Alert changes THEN
IF HSM Alert = Intrusion THEN Global Variable X = Intrusion
ELSE IF HSM Alert = Intrusion-delay THEN Global Variabel X = Intrusion-Delay

However, there is no option for HSM Alert Changes (see screenshot below).

So I think the only way to do this would be a buch of seperate rules for each HSM alert status? How have others added a tile to the dashboard to show whether HSM is in Intrusion or Intrusion-Delay?


If the alarm is blaring, why do you need a tile on a dashboard? I'm not sure I really get why you would do this. Don't your tablets have screensavers that kick in to hide the screen anyway? You'd have to walk over and tap it before you could see the tile and by that point , you know the alarm is going off.

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What if I’m not home? (Monitoring on mobile)

I’d like to see a current status of if the alarm is currently sounding and which one is currently causing it. The sensors do not have a history on the app either (that I can find).

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Do you mean you are watching your phone to see if there are any alerts? This is not a very effective method for catching that an intrusion has occurred at home. I would suggest using a method that alerts you as soon as an intrusion occurs rather than waiting for you to check your phone.

You can, in the HSM tile by tapping it.

If you tap on the tile's menu icon there is a history option at the top of the popup window.

Exactly this.

I do get a notification when the alarm goes off and then when I open the dashboard to disarm the alarm, there is no indication in the dashboard that HSM is triggered. Just not the user experience I personally want. I would like to see something indicating the alarm is going off. It's fine that this isn't a feature, just looking for a way to do it myself.

Do you mean when the alarm is in actual Intrusion or in Intrusion delay?

Intrusion mostly but wouldn't hurt to see it's in intrusion delay as well but that's such a short period it really doesn't matter.

Maybe I'm not understanding you. When you get the notification that the alarm has gone off, do you not trust that it has? What will having it displayed on the dashboard tell you that you don't already know? You do realize that this is going to take up space on your dashboard that 99.99% of the time will do nothing at all and will be unusable for anything else, right? Because I will show you what you can do to get this but after I do, you're not going to want it. Because it's a waste of dashboard real-estate for something that doesn't add any value.

In Rule Machine, you can create a Global Variable and a global variable connector. You can then set that variable to blank when there is no alert and "Intrusion at Home" (or anything you want) when the alarm is disarmed or the alert canceled. This would then be added to your dashboard via the RM variable connector template tile. I'm willing to bet that you would never actually use/need this, but that's one way to do it.

I guess to each their own right?

I've got the space reserved on my dashboard for such a tile, just struggling with setting this up since there is no HSM Alert changed trigger. It seems like I would have to have a trigger for every possible scenario?

Did you read through my whole post? I told you how to do it.

I did, I'm just not familiar with global variables or connectors and how to change the variable in this scenario.

I'll have to dig around and figure it out.

Have you tried searching here on the forum? If you don't know what those things are then the level of detail I would have to give you would be down to the click. And I'm sorry, I don't have that kind of time.

I've got my home alarm system hooked into HE via the Envisalink custom driver/app. With this installed HE can control a DSC or Vista alarm system. The app has the ability to interface with HSM. In this situation @cj_rezz 's quandary is pretty valid. Outside of HE's original scope, so it seems, but DSC and Vista systems with Envisalink are a very popular integration with other leading home automation systems.

Even so, the global variable is a solution, even if it's not integrated in HSM.

This has nothing to do with anything covered in this thread. Read the title...HSM is right there.

Well yes technically. I'm just pointing out that it's another reason such ability would be helpful.

So I can chime in on this. I agree it is strange that the alarm is going off and you look at your dashboard and all looks fine. It seems all that is needed is to capture the HSM alerts and display them on the dashboard. I am surprised this has not been suggested before. I can easily see the HSM status outside of the dashboard, but why not provide a way to see that status in a dashboard? I don't understand the resistance, but I guess HSM is not a primary use case for most users. For me it is. I killed my DCS security system because I thought Hubitat would be better. It is, but that need to improve keeps driving at me. It is not enough to just replace my DCS system, I want it to be better. Much better. I want my dashboard to tell me exactly why my alarm is going off, what sensors triggered it and what I need to do to fix it. Which my DCS system actually did, by the way.

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