Help with Sensitive comfort strip configurating parameters

I have installed several sensitive comfort sensors on a hubitat c7 elevatuon hub. I need to adjust several of the parameters including frequency of reporting to frequent, turn off lux reporting and LED alarms.

I changed the parameters in the edit device page of for the strips. Hit save, hit configure and woke up the strip. I also tried waking up the strip and then hit configure. But I can not get the parameters to actually change. When I refresh, the parameters are still the default settings.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @earlypondhome, and welcome to the community!

Each device has two save options. The first one will save the configuration preferences and the second will save the device information. Could you confirm you are clicking on the first one, called “Save Preferences” in the screenshot below?

Hello Sebatien, thank you for your reply. It appears that my issue has resolved itself overnight. But for informational purposes to future readers and future new device installs I will continue this thread.

Yes. I was clicking the save preferance box as you showed in your post. Which results in pending changes showing in the state box. And in the Device Event log it also showed pending changes.

Afterward, I clicked Configure and nothing happend or changed. I tried to manual wake up the strip both before and after hitting configure but that didnt seem to update anything either.

However, this morning everything showed up correctly in the device state and it seems to be reporting as it should.