Help with Sengled Color Bulb and automations

Recently I purchased this Sengled color bulb and since then, trying to navigate some various color combinations and situations has been challenging. I don't think what I want is too complicated, but I do believe I am going about it incorrectly.

Currently, both bulbs are set up with the "Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb". I've tried a few different ones such as the legacy drivers for Sengled, but they all seem to have their own issues.

  1. Situation 1: Using a motion sensor, when activated between 8am-8pm, turn on 2 Sengled Bulbs (Temperature: 3000) for 5 minutes, then turn off if no motion is active for 5 minutes.

Else, if the time is between 8pm-9pm, set the color to RED level 100.

Problem: If someone is in the room and moving around, the lights are all over the place. Sometimes they only stay on for a minute. Basically, it has challenges when someone doesn't just go in and leave. I don't seem to have an issue with the red lights at night, but they do flash what first before they turn on and before they turn red.

What is happening is that the rule is re-triggering every time motion is sensed.

You have 2 options to resolve this issue:

  1. Stop the rule from triggering once the light is on. You can do this by adding a precondition that the light must be off to trigger.
  2. Cancel the 5 minute delay when the rule is re-triggered. You can do this by either adding a “Cancel Delayed Actions” at the top of the rule, or by changing the “Delay 0:05:00” to a “Wait 0:05:00”. (Waits are automatically cancelled when a rule is re-triggered, where delays are not.)

There are other options like doing a wait for no motion with a 5 minute duration, but one of the two above should be simple to implement.