Help with scenes

So, perhaps i might be doing something wrong but cant quite figure out.. i have two color scenes.. one is purple the other is red. for some reason when i activate one scene the other says active as well.. i have a blue scene and a regular cool white light scene but those dont seem to have a problem.. any help would be apreciated.. i attached some pics for reference.

here shows both scenes say active

this is a purple light scene wich is currently active

this is a red light scene wich is not active but the app says it is.. same bulbs andsetting just diferent colors

Looks like the hue level of 0 for red means it isn't captured by the scene so it isn't evaluated to check if the scene is active or not. With everything else being the same this is why it is active.
If you change the hue manually to 1 on the red scene it should work.

awesome ill try that.. thanks