Help with rules

I made a few rules that can be paused with click of virtual button (don’t need lights turning on/off if I’m away)
everything was working for few weeks but now I find 2 rules consistently are being paused without any initiation. How can I find the culprit? Don’t see anything in logs but I do see where I “resumed” it

Are those virtual buttons exposed to Alexa? Alexa hunches are known to do crazy crap like this.

You also may want to go to the virtual device settings page, scroll to the bottom, and see what is listed in the "In Use By" section.

Use Alexa but no hunches present.
In use by are only the rules I set up… I tried looking at log but there was nothing noted of turning it off

Do you have logging turned on for both the rule, and for the device? Logs won't show anything unless you do that.

I do… no luck

I think I figured it out. I have a schedule where on the weekend, it pauses a rule. Problem is in rule machine after selecting correct day/days it asks again for additional days and there’s no way to remove it

And as can be seen in second photo, no option to select same day as first selection