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Need help with a should be simple rule. I moved over to Webcore for my rules but my wife has gotten interested and wanted to learn how to control the HE so she wanted to make some rules for herself but she found webcore just to hard so she asked me to ove all the rules back to rule machine.

the reason i moved to Webcore was to me just to me simple rules were just plain and simple and I didn't need to go a round about way to get the rule to function unlike rule machine it seems like nothing is just really a simple rule in it.

But to get to the rule all i'm trying to do is when HSM has an alert I want it to speak on my speakers letting me know there is an intrusion what sensor is going off and repeat the message until we disarm HSM. I have tried everything possible to get this rule to work but the problem that i am having is 1 I can't get the variables to work it only says intrusion night or away what ever state HSM is in and i cant get the message to stop speaking after we disarm HSM.

To explain my situation and why we need it like this, is we can not have a traditional alarm that has a siren we have our special needs grandson living with us and when we had our ring alarm before he and my daughter moved in it was fine for us but the siren if it goes off accidently or ever he goes crazy and it makes him jumpy to the point that we cant calm him down for days on end so his therapist said that we needed to remove the sirens, so I purchased a Sonos system to speak alerts and it's better for him because it doen't set him off and hes okm with that because he just thinks it's Alexa talking. any help is always greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

Sounds doable, can you post the rule that you're working with?

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should be avle to do that right in the app .. here is my one for smoke but intrusion is the same.. i do know if you try it outside the app ie in rule machine it does loose the info about which devcie etc. That is why it needs to be done directly in safety monitor


Sorry I got so frustrated I deleted the rule but this is how I was trying to get it to work

Trigger= HSM alert Intrusion. Intrusion delay, intrusion night, intrusion night delay

Actions=Speak on Sonos Intrusion Detected with the time and value but the value would only say intrusion night or intrusion night delay couldn't get it to say the sensor that tripped HSM

after that action i put repeat action.

I was Trying to do it as a rule inside rule machine.

Redid rule real quick I believe I may have tried 1 more action after repeat to get it to stop.

yes as i said the variables for what device cause the shm alert will NOT work in rule machine.. if you want to use them you will have to do it dirrectly in shm as i outlined above.

at least that is my experience.. i could not get the variables to work outside of shm

Thx Kahn I took a break for awhile but as soon as my computer chargers back up I’ll give it another go. Do your voice alerts repeat?

i havent tried to repeat voice as it pisses off wife. nut there is option there for it.

thanks for the help I have everything up and running, the setting was as you said right in the HSM configuration.

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