Help with Rule to reboot Modem and Router

I have a Zooz ZEN25 Double Plug that I would like to use to reset/reboot my Internet Modem and Router (separate devices) on a schedule, maybe once every two weeks or so. I have my HE plugged into a UPS so that it will not lose power, I would like to also plug the ZEN25 into the UPS and then plug the Modem into one side and the Router into the other. (the Modem and Router are currently on the UPS as well) I would like for them both to go down at the same time but would like for the Modem to come back up first, stabilize and then after say two minutes have the Router turn back on. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

All of that should be doable, although you may want to look at a new router if you need to reboot it that frequently. I had many issues with my router before I got an ASUS since then I've only had to reboot it a few times in the last many years. That said you should be able to do it with a RM rule similar to the following:

Trigger : Use the Periodic Schedule type
Rule : Where Office repeater is your Modem outlet and Living Room Repeater Smart Plug is your Router outlet.



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Hmmmmm.....remember seeing the feature, hadn't thought about that.

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