Help With Rule Machine & Lighting

Please help - using my HE for several years and have been able to figure most things out but this has me stumped. I am struggling to figure out how to get my lights to dim using Rule Machine. I would like for my lights to slowly dim to 0 from their previous state which is already either 75 or 100. This rule starts 30 minutes after sunset and the time for the dimming is 90 minutes. During that time I don’t want my motion rules to trigger. I also do not want this rule to run if I’m in certain modes and I’d like it to stop and cancel the rest of the rule if one of those modes is triggered. Here is the image of my rule as set up now. I absolutely can not get any of the dimming to work.

@partyof07 probably what you're looking for

Thank you for the reply but is this using Rule
Machine or Basic Rules?

I'm not sure on the dimming side of it, but your initial IF conditional seems a bit redundant to me as the condition would have been part of the restriction anyway. Unless you think that the condition might activate in the milliseconds since rule activation and the evaluation. It's also only going to run once, so it won't be able to cancel the actions within the rule once you're already waiting for the timeout.

You might be able to create another rule that triggers on the mode change/switch change to cancel the rule.

Rule Machine.

Oh that was meant to be 10 min interval not seconds.

I think you might try breaking it down into separate rules so that you can test each bit separately. Maybe have your sunset + 30 trigger (with restriction) just dim one of the lights to get that right. Use another rule to control the mode change to pause and unpause rules.

I'm not sure of this, but I'm not sure if the dim rule over time executes in parallel to the rest of the rule, or if the rule waits for the action to complete before moving on. You could test that though, as only the first dim rule would run and the others wouldn't do anything until that one is finished.

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It may be more than what you are looking for but here is my solution to this:

I set the color temp of the lights as well as the illumination values to global variables. Then I set each individual lights to use those global variables as their source for what color temp/illumination values they should use.

I set it up to follow the sun in both color and brightness. It may be complicated, but it works wonderfully.