Help with rule logic

Had a rule that was working well when a switch was flipped it disarmed the alarm and opened the garage door. It would also turn on some lights if it was between two times. I’ve edited it so it would not try to disarm if HSM was already disarmed so it wouldn’t make a beep on the alarm panel. Now it only opens the door if HSM is armed in some fashion. If it is disarmed, it does not open the garage door. I must be missing something in the logic?

I think you need an END-IF before the ELSE-IF to close out the nested IF statement that DIMs the Dining Room Light.

Edit: Each IF-THEN should have an associated END-IF. I believe your rule should have three of them.

+1 to pseudonym - or an Else IF is missing just above the first IF might do it.

Thank you both. Am I able to remove one of the light if’s and still have it work for both?

@jasonp9 Not with it inside the IF-THEN-ELSE-IF condition. It looks like it might work if you move outside the condition as a separate condition itself.

IMO It could be a little simpler.

IF Armed
then open garage 
do light stuff if right time.

Thank you all. I trimmed it down and will see if it works when I get home.

Went simple and works great!