Help with Rule for lights coming on based on Lux

I have a Rule that turns on lights based on the Lux of the room and what time of day it is. However, when the Lux hovers around the specified lux amount, the lights will sometimes go on and off and on and off until the Lux of the room stays consistently below the threshold specified. How do I get it so that the lights will stay on or off. Do I put in a Wait a certain amount of time or what should I do?
Here is the Rule. The Lux settings is <30.

I have put a wait with cancel on truth change in for the off. This way while the Lux value is hovering around 30 the lights will not keep going on and off.
Personally I've used 10 minutes but I would give it a try with whatever value you fancy and works for you.

I did mine slightly different and it has been working fine, no bouncing


@toy4rick what happens if the illuminace goes <26 and then goes to 27 and then back down to <26?

Where do I put the wait?


Nothing happens if it goes 27 to 26 to 27... the lights stay on. They only go off when lux <12 and won't go back on until lux >26

I don't use a wait


Hi @pcgirl
I see you are using RM3. I just assumed it was RM4. Sorry.
@toy4rick is using RM4.
In your FALSE actions I would put delay of, say, 5 minutes against your 'OFF' and your 2 'DIM' commands with a cancel on truth change. This way if your virtual switch toggles and the timing is less than 5 minutes the lights should on UNTIL the VS is off for more than 5 minutes.