Help with rule for last activity NOT being updated

Hi all...

I have a few devices, dashboard tiles, etc., that are based on external devices through an MQTT integration. I would like to create RM rules to monitor for continued activity on these devices and warn me if there is a lack of expected activity.

Essentially, if last activity on a device has not been updated in the last X mins, then execute further actions.

I can't seem to find a way in RM to access a devices "last activity" timestamp and execute methods on it. I would greatly appreciate any ideas on this for me to try.

Thank You

I don't think there is a way to access that from Rule Machine. However, lots of people use this custom app, which sounds like exactly what you want:

That suggestion indeed took care of it. Thanks!

I really wish Rule Machine had a way to work with activity. I find the Device Watchdog confusing to use. Also, I am in a scenario where I need to be alerted in seconds, not hours. I don't see a way to do that with Device Watchdog.

Since the above was written two years ago, Rule Machine has added a "Time Since Event" condition you can use to test this:

Rule-5.1: Screenshot of 'Time since event' condition

However, you are still limited to minutes (or hours). Just curious, what re you doing if you need seconds-level granularity? Also, I found Device Watchdog fairly easy to set up when I used it, though I eventually moved what I was using that for over to a different custom app I wrote (Device Activity Check) to fill my particular needs--but that's still minute-level at most. But if you need help with those specific apps, you might try asking in their threads.

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