Help with RM - Motion + Illuminance

I'm trying to trigger 3 outlet switches on with motion, plus, if the light levels are sufficiently low enough, have an additional light turned on. Then, if there is no motion for more than 5 minutes, turn everything off.

Here is what I've got.... where did I screw up? None of these devices are turning off.

It is kind of hard to read, because you don't have the last END IF but I think this is what you have.

IF Sensor active
    IF LUX<24
        DIM some things
    ELSE-IF Sensor Inactive(this can never be true because the first IF looks for it to be active) AND any light on
        Turn off lights delayed 5 minutes.
END-IF(this end if is missing)

I think if you just make your trigger active only. Then you don't need first IF.

Also get rid of ELSE-IF, Move the turn off to the end and make it a wait for event sensor inactive with a duration of 5 minutes.

Better screenclip....

I'm working off this thread here: Using Rule Machine for Motion Lighting


Motion sensor changed

If motion sensor active
Cancel delayed actions
Turn on light
Else if motion is inactive
And light is on
Turn off light after 2 min delay (cancelable)
End if

It would appear I've missed the "cancel delayed actions". Not really sure how to add that into my rule.

It won't help, because the ELSE-IF in your rule is never going to run.

But you can find Cancel delayed actions under delay, wait or exit.

The way I would do it, assuming I understand what you want.

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Alternatively, instead of testing for illuminance after triggering you could use it as a predicate condition meaning the rule will only trigger on motion if illuminance was below a certain level.

I'm trying to do two different things from one trigger in one rule A) Only turn the light on if Illuminance is less than 24 AND B) always turn the Meural Canvases on. I guess I'm trying to run before I can walk and should just split them into two separate rules.

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The example I posted should do that.

It will also turn off the lights after 5 minutes of inactivity. Just add what ever lights you want off after the wait.

Split'em into two rules, and they're working as designed.

Meural Canvases

Kitchen Sink Light