Help with Ring Integration

A novice here, and not very tech savvy, So any help is appreciated.

I have read through the available documentations and finally installed Hubitat Package Manager, and also added the Ring devices on Hubitat.

But now, I am not sure what is to be done to move forward.

I want to do some basic configurations such as:

  1. Detect Motion on Ring Front door bell, turn on Driveway Light #1.

How do I set this up? Do I need to configure it via IFTTT?

Start here and post your questions here to keep things clean. Almost all your questions have probably already been asked an answered. You won't use ifttt, you'll simply use the motion trigger in your ring camera to trip your rule

Got it. I will go to that thread and post.
I saw that thread and there is a trove of information about there. Didn't know where to start from.

I'll post the question there..

Thanks again

Start with the 1st message.... and keep going till you're head explodes with info and scenarios

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