Help with Presence rule

I've been rewriting this rule for awhile but I must be missing something simple , so I finally figured I would ask for some help on this. The rule pretty much works but I need to know how to get it to not trigger if presence arrives within the 10 minute delay.


Thanks for any assistance.

Feels right to me. Add an End-if at the bottom. Are you using anything like presence governor or a combined presence app of some sort? As far as I can tell it should work and should cancel, but presence isn't all that reliable all the time.


Thanks. Adding the end-if now.

Is this something I should use for all my if statements? I see examples with and without it.

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Looks good to me too! (But I'd also add the END-IF to be polite--a good habit, and in other cases it could matter; RM will infer it here.)

If you wanted to save some clicking, presence has only two states (present or not present), so your ELSE-IF... could just be an ELSE (which given this would also only match on "not present"), but again, what you have is logically equivalent and there's no reason to change.

That being said, 10 minutes seems like a bit of a long delay for setting "Home" mode on alarm system (EDIT: wait--you're setting it when someone else leaves?), particularly if you have alarms or notifications tied to it and presence is sensitive enough to not detect them until they're basically home, but I'm assuming you know what you're doing there more than we do. :slight_smile:


It's good practice to close your statements. It's not always necessary, but it's best practices recommended. Cleans it up nice and leaves less room for error.


If you have been editing this rule repeatedly it may just be corrupted. I’ve had this happen a couple times. I deleted the rule, rewrote it exactly the same, and then it worked perfectly.


One of my varations was set that way at one point. I will start adding the END-IF's now.

This presence delay is more because of complaints if it is quicker....

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