Help with presence rule not firing

Can anyone help or possibly verify this is a bug? This is written in 5.1. It contains 4 presence sensors, 1 Android phone and 3 Life 360 people. These presence sensors are all updating arrival and departure correctly and other presence rules with these are also functioning properly. This rule is not working on the departure of these devices however it does work through the run actions button or if I change the "all leaves" to "any leaves". It also works if I remove all but one of the presence sensors, any of them. I also have another app to change the thermostat on arrival configured with the same presence sensors and set to "any" arrives which functions properly.

Thanks in advance.

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I see you have Event logging enabled. Consider also enabling Trigger logging to see when the rule actually triggers based on the events. (Action logging won't hurt either, and won't clog your Logs up given that you only have a single action, but it's unlikely to be of concern here.) That should provide some clues. It's possible there's a bug here (the latest Rule 5.1 update made some changes to accommodate "sticky triggers" and other new features), but logs would provide the best clue.

It seems to me like it should work as you expect. But as a workaround either way, you could trigger on any leaves, then use a conditional action (e.g., IF (X, Y, Z all not present) THEN / Thermostat --> 78 / END-IF), but I'm not sure you should have to.


I do think this may be a bug. I created the rule with Basic Rules and it works fine. I did try the conditional action work around but that is not an option because the sensors update at different times.

Maybe someone else might be able to try and replicate to test for it being a bug.

I don't use any presence sensors in HE but I tried replicating this using virtual presence sensors and couldn't get the rule to trigger using multiple devices.

Maybe @bravenel can verify if this is a bug.

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But it should work. What doesn't work? Or really, what do you want to happen? That may help someone write a rule that does what you want (I was guessing based on your first post)--working around any possible bugs that may exist with the "all" trigger.

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I had a mistake in your work around example and actually it does work. In the meantime I tried creating my rule in Basic Rules which works fine.

Maybe if it is in fact a bug it will get corrected and will not have to worry about any work around. Thank you guys for helping with this.

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I can confirm that there appears to be a bug. Will investigate....


Bug found and fixed, will be in the next release. Any existing triggers with All for presence will have to be updated by selecting Edit Trigger, and reselecting the target value, followed by Done.


Thanks for the fast response.

Any eta on the update that fixes this?


Hey @bravenel, just wanted to add my +1 to this. It's still a current issue on

Yes, came out in April, and the date on the fix note above is May 1. Fix coming in 2.3.2... due out soon.