Help with porch light

Hi all, I am a little stuck with this rule and hoping for some advice.

I have a 3 wall lights and 1 porch light outside. I have a separate rule which turns all the lights on to a blue glow when the light level is a set level.

With this rule I am trying to brighten the porch light when motion is detected. I then want the light to revert back to the lower level blue (matching the other lights) when there has been no motion for a minute.

I have been stood out there and then the light returns to blue, so I don't think it's waiting the minute of no motion. Any ideas welcome please?

One problem I see: nothing cancels those delayed actions. So, if motion becomes active within that 1-minute countdown, the delayed action is still hanging around and will execute when it is time. (If motion stays inactive for 1 minute and the delayed actions happen, then you're good.) You can solve this in one of two ways:

  • select the "cancel?" option on those delays (so they'll show as " --> delayed 0:01:00 (cancelable)"), and put a "Cancel Delayed Actions" action somewhere before your "Wait for condition: Motion inactive" (which could probably be a "Wait for event," though it shouldn't matter in terms of outcome here), say, as the first action in your rule; or
  • use a "Wait for elapsed time" action instead of the "delay" option or a "Delay" action; unlike delays, the rule re-triggering will "cancel" an in-progress wait with no other work on your part

Thanks so much for the advice, I have updated my rule as per your advice, think I got it right (screenshot attached). Now to test it out :slight_smile: