Help with outdoor lighting routine

I have a number of outside lights on the front of our house which are all programmed into a scene. One of these is a bright porch light which I am trying to change to bright white when motion is detected on the sensor.

My rule checks to see if we're in night mode, the outside lights are already on or the light level is low. If any of these are true then the porch light should go bright. That bit works great! When no motion is detected then after a minute I am trying to check to see if the rest of the outside light master virtual switch is on, then resume the scene (currently called Outdoor Font - East) or if the outside lighting switch is off then turn porch light off. Again this part seems to work too.

The bit where I seem to have the issue and I thought I had set this up right but clearly not. When motion is not detected long enough for the sensor to show inactive, the minute countdown starts and carries out the resuming of the scene, even if motion is detected again within that minute. I would expect it to stop the count down and go back to the start of the rule

Advice is appreciated, I've included a screenshot of the rule.

Hi all. Hoping that someone maybe able to offer some advice on why this isn't working. Thanks so much

I don't see the cancel in your rule. You have set the delays to be cancelable but you haven't actually cancelled them upon motion. You will need to cancel the delayed actions. Just as an example I dug up an old rule. Another issue you may have is the trigger. It will only run when active. To test when it isn't active you need to change the trigger from active to changed. I see you have it wait for inactive but the changed might work better. FYI, I know just enough to be dangerous.


Thanks Caz - Yes I think it was as simple as the cancel delayed, I hadn't realised I needed that just presumed it would happen haha. I'm also going to look at building in your other suggestion. Much appreciated thanks.

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