Help with New Hub and Lutron

So I have the Hubitat and Lutron Pro Hub I want to integrate them together which I am working on. And then ultimately tie them into Apple HomeKit so all of my controls are in 1 place.

My question is.

  1. Should I integrate the Lutron with the Hubitat and then integrate that whole thing with Apple HomeKit.


  1. Set up all devices (besides Lutron) in Hubitat and then connect that to HomeKit. And connect the Lutron hub directly to HomeKit with the pairing code. Since Lutron supports HomeKit with little effort.

I just want to make sure I do it correctly and the way that makes the most sense, so my entire system will run smoothly

You could do either. However Hubitat isnโ€™t compatible with HomeKit directly. Are you familiar with Homebridge?

Ok, I think Iโ€™ll setup Lutron directly with HomeKit. And yes Iโ€™m familiar with Homebridge, and plan on setting it up with my Hubitat

Are you planning on running automations on HomeKit or hubitat? If you are going to want to do automation on hubitat then you need to do the lutron integration there. If you are just using HomeKit as a frontend this is the best choice.

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Sorry I re-read OP and @rob121 is right.

In either case, integrate Lutron with Hubitat.

If you want to use the apple home app, you can either bring your Lutron devices in with your Hubitat devices all through homebridge. Or you can use the native Lutron HomeKit support to add the Lutron devices to HomeKit, then use homebridge to add your Hubitat devices (not including the Lutron devices) to the home app.

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At a client's site recently, I originally had all of the Lutron devices (around 60+) first go into Hubitat, and then via HomeBridge into HomeKit.
I decide to try out the other approach - from the Lutron Hub directly to HomeKit. (Also, from Lutron into Hubitat). I was also moving a number of Zigbee/Zwave devices via HomeBridge into HomeKit.
I found that this second approach was slightly, marginally, faster. There seemed to be a faster response when the source of the HomeKit was directly from the Lutron Hub.

I plan on running the everything in HomeKit

I have both a Lutron SmartBridge Pro and Philips Hue bridge. I use their native HomeKit integration for both of them. I then also integrate both of the lighting platforms with Hubitat.

I use HomeBridge to add Hubitat specific devices to HomeKit. This includes my Zigbee motion and contact sensors, as well as Zigbee lock, and a few other custom devices that I have built.

The above architecture works extremely well, and is robust and reliable.


Is this more for a dashboard like purpose, or for Homekit automations?

More for dashboard like purpose, for sure. However, I do like having the flexibility of having pretty much all of my devices in Hubitat, HomeKit, and Home Assistant all at the same time. It feels good to have lots of options and flexibility for whatever the future may hold. My primary automation controller is Hubitat, as it has been working very well for me for over 3 years now. Hubitat's built-in apps like Mode Manager, Motion Lighting, Notifications, etc... are designed and built by a team of folks who actually use Hubitat to automate their own homes. Thus, these apps work in real-world situations that many of us encounter on a day to day basis. Having more advanced options like Rule Machine and custom Groovy Apps/Drivers is the icing on the cake!

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I am doing something very similar (except - replace Home Assistant with Node-RED; there are nodes that can be used to create HomeKit devices).

The design aesthetic of the Home app is very visually appealing, and it is also very easy to determine rapidly what is on/open/active etc.


And one more advantage that I've found with my clients.
They want Voice Control- and once the devices are in HomeKit, that's Siri.
It's not as good as Alexa, but it definitely works.