Help with Motion Sensing to turn lights off

So, I was playing with this yesterday and couldn't get it tweaked just right.

We're often in our kitchen or going through our kitchen at least. The lights get left on quite often.

So, I'd like to make the following:
Trigger: Kitchen Motion Inactive
Kitchen Motion: Inactive
Kitchen Lights Are: On
Wait 10 minutes
Turn Kitchen Lights Off

So, this works.. what I can't figure out is how to interrupt it? In other words, if it goes active, and we're just in a different part kitchen, it turns the lights off.
I think what I want is for it to be able to be cancelled? But I can't figure how to to get it to cancel.

Or: Can I simply just do another delay with an nested If:

Kitchen Motion: Inactive:
Wait 5 minutes
If: Kitchen Motion: Inactive
Then: Turn the lights off
Do nothing

If what I need to do is a cancel, when it cancels I don't need to do anything since my trigger is the inactive event right? Or rather, I still need to set a criteria to cancel it, where would I do that?

Here's what I have so far:

Here is how I did my master closet lights (and bathroom lighting as well)

Select Trigger Events (ANY will trigger)
MCloset Motion active

IF (Time between 10:00 PM MST and 4:00 AM MST(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Activate scenes: Master Closet Night
Activate scenes: Master Closet Day
Wait for event: MCloset Motion inactive
Off: MCloset Light 2, MCloset Light 1 --> delayed: 0:05:00 (cancelable)
Wait for event: MCloset Motion active --> timeout: 0:05:00
IF (MCloset Motion active(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Cancel Delayed Actions
Exit Rule

Thanks... so I'm thinking, like this?

I had all these rules for motion lights since I found the built in motion lighting app a bit lacking. And a few months back stumbled on an app that is now controlling most of my motion lighting in my house. At first I just paused a rule and tested the app in one room (the office) and was really impressed with the features. The author is also very receptive and open to adding new features!

check it out...

I'll take a look! Thanks.

I was going to use the motion app, but I actually didn't want it to turn the lights on at all, but rather trigger off of the motion sensor going inactive.

I think you could probably do this using a virtual switch to keep them from turning on automatically but leave the turn off function active. If you can't figure it out or if a missing option would help, ask the developer, I'm sure he can help :wink: