Help with Lutron Caséta

I have never used Lutron before thus I am stupid on adding on to HE. I bought a Lutron Casita In-Wall Switch, PD-5ANS & have it installed & it works, just not added it to HE. I do NOT have a Lutron Smart Bridge & phone app, nor do I have a "Pico Remote".

Can I still use this switch in HE without smart bridge?
Do I have to install the built in Lutron Integration app of HE? I looked at it & it is confusing to me as it talks about a smart bridge which I don't have.


Yes, after you get a Lutron SmartBridge Pro (L-BDGPRO2), which is required.

Your problem is that you don’t have the SmartBridge Pro. Get one. It must be the Pro version (L-BDGPRO2), which has a telnet interface, as required by the Lutron integration. The non-Pro version will not work.

A Pico Remote is not required. However, a Pico Remote can be nice if you want a remote switch for the Caséta switch you have, or if you want a standalone switch to interface to the Hubitat hub (using the SmartBridge Pro Lutron hub).

The Lutron hub is needed because Lutron has its own proprietary radio technology that needs the Lutron hub. The Hubitat hub does not have a radio for the Lutron Clear Connect radio technology.


The other great thing about using the Caseta PRO2 bridge's telnet functionality is that you can then add & use Pico remotes for pretty much anything else within Hubitat. The Caseta form factor isn't everyone's cup of tea, but as far as remotes go, the basic Pico is pretty darn cheap so that's a nice feature.

I didn't think I'd ever really use that functionality when I started with Caseta, but I've since added several Picos that have nothing to do with Caseta lighting - they work like a champ.


Thank you both for the replies....I understand now...Don't really want to invest in the Lutron bridge Pro2 as I only have that one Lutron switch & all other switches in my home are Zwave.

I'll just donate this new switch to my local Thrift shop tomorrow & let someone else enjoy it as I see Lutron is not gonna be my cup of tea for sure as I am vegan & only drink water tea for me!! LOL.

Thank you again for the replies...much appreciated!

I'll take it if you don't want it. I can paypal you the postage.... PM me