Help with link tiles?

So here's the deal, I'm trying to add links in my dashboard to other dashboards. And links in my dashboard to an IP address that is the address of a camera. How do I do this? I want to have a main dashboard that has some stuff I need all the time and links through a tile in the main dashboard to another dashboard with cameras (links to cameras not a live stream because I imagine that's not possible) and another tile that links to a dashboard that has a list of the battery life of all devices for maintenance. So on and so forth. How do I do this? I cannot find documentation for link tiles anywhere. There are only a few references to it scattered about the net. any help would be greatly appreciated.

See the dashboard tile template. Don't pick a device and just pick this template from the list and you get a list of your available dashboards.

See the link time. Same deal. Pick the template without picking a device and input the link. Touching it will open the link in your browser. So, use the link that is accessible from your browser for the camera's stream.

Oh I was looking under devices, cool beans, thanks :slight_smile:

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