Help with Linear/GoControl Garage Door Controller

Hello - I'm having trouble moving my garage door controller from Wink to Hubitat. I've excluded the device from Wink (no longer listed under the Wink Hub), taken the Hubitat hub to within inches of the garage door controller but it just won't see it.

I also tried to exclude it using the Hubitat hub (just in case it was a false exclude from Wink) but Hubitat doesn't see it. I do have a Z-Wave extender and a Z-Wave light switch within 15 ft of the garage (the Z-Wave light switch is closer than the extender) but not sure they come into play for the initial pairing.

Just before I did this, I was able to successfully pair (secure mode) 2 Kwikset locks that I was having trouble with in the past. I'm just running a z-wave repair to see if that has any impact. Any other tricks I could try?


I don’t know the device you are talking about but I have a question.

Did you reset the device after removing it from wink?
Not just an exclusion but I would recommend a full reset of the device


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I'm trying to avoid a full reset of the garage door opener as I think I will then have to pair it back to the tilt sensor etc. I will go down the reset route if nothing else works, but keeping that as a last option.

I have one too and I think you just press and hold the button on the side for 20 seconds. It didn't affect my Tilt sensor.

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Do you know if I would have to pair the tilt sensor again? Trying to find the instructions...

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 2.09.39 PM

No, I did not have to deal with the Tilt Sensor after resetting the ZWave controller.


Thanks - will try this out now...

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Once reset, try an exclusion before pairing and watch the logs. That will let you know that the two devices see each other.

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I paired mine 2 hops from HE almost instantly so I don't think they are tough to pair.

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I've moved mine between two Hubs.. in-place, no need to move it.

The original Join was to a Hub that was at least a hop away. The "new" hub was a direct Join because the hub was 8ft apart... directly above. :slight_smile: The Linear GDO is the primary first hop for everything on that hub now. I even moved Yale locks to that new hub and they went the same.. in-place, no big issues, although one of them didn't join securely the first time. Did fine the 2nd.


It is amazing how often devices that some consider problematic, become big players. And the routes some devices take it upon themselves to follow when they know full well that we want them to go another way. :wink:

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I know that meshes want to build as big a sphere as they can.. so they will prefer a distant repeater over a close in one. It's especially true I imagine for ZWave since there's a 4 hop limit that Zigbee doesn't entertain.

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Success! This is a great tip. It appears that the device hung on to it's pairing with the Wink hub. After the reset, I could see it being "excluded" from Hubitat and also heard the beep. Paired cleanly right after that.

@csteele and @zarthan - thanks so much for your help. Now all my devices are on Hubitat :+1:t3:


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