Help with IF rule

I'm brand new to Hubitat coming from Homey and Fibaro. I would like to run a scene when I get home but when my wife is not home. I have received both our phones and the presence works well. I can not get to this for example - when pixel3 connects to wifi and iphone is not connected so start sonos in the kitchen. If you can help me, keep in mind that I am completely new to Hubitat as much as possible in detail. If I had put the post in the wrong part of the forum, delete it.

TRIGGER: If you arrive home
RUN ACTION: If wife is not home THEN start sonos END-IF


np. it takes a second to understand the rules and what's the best way to approach them, but once you understand it it's not terrible.

others also use other rule machines such as Node Red or WebCORE, so if you're more comfortable with those, you could always integrate. If you're ok using the RM4.0 in HE, definitely throw the questions out to the forums and anyone can help out :slight_smile:

[side note, thank you for actually marking a solution. one of my pet peeves in the forums]

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I have used Node Red both in Home Assistant and via Fibaro hc so it is the next step to integrate but it is always good to learn the basics first.