Help with Hue Lighting - Color Management

I have a relatively simple use-case. I have some Hue lights running through a Hue bridge. Currently on the built-in integration, but willing to move to a different app if necessary.

Use-case: shift bulbs colors at specific times.
Problem: when adjusting the lights, they come on at their previous setting very briefly (e.g. if they were on white/100% before being turned off, and I set them to red/20%, they briefly come on white/100% before adjusting).

Halp. I'm new to Hue much less integrating into HE. I think I've seen mention that setting up a scene in Hue can maybe fill the void. Just hoping someone can get me going in the right direction.

Pro tip: If you wind up using Room Lighting app for your various purposes, be advised that sometimes Hue bulbs (perhaps other mfr/types of lights as well?) may settle at a Color Temperature just slightly different from what you commanded. For example, your Scene requests CT=2500, but device reports 2505. This can cause RL or Scenes-2.1 to report your scene as "Not Set" when indeed, for all practical purposes, it is.

Hedge against this by using the CAPTURE feature in those apps, once you've set the Hub bulbs (and any other lights) the way you want them to be in the scene. This way, Capture has a fighting chance of detecting/recording such subtleties during setup.

Could save headaches down the road. Ask me how I know, heh heh.

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That is exactly what I do. I can’t remember if the built in integration can import Hue scenes though. I’ve been using CoCoHue for years now and would recommend it if the built in integration doesn’t meet your needs.

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