Help with Hue Dimmer Switches

Getting slowly used to HE now, got all my Hue lights onto HE (Hue bridge linked to HE) but my Hue dimmer switches are still on the Hue bridge. I want to migrate them over to HE and have played around with one of them, managed to get basic functionality fairly easily.

On the Hue app, it is possible to use button one to toggle between scenes (up to five pushes). Is there a way to obtain this functionality with HE?

Also, raising and lowering the dimmer lever only appears to work on individual bulbs, but nearly all of my rooms have several lights and I'd like to control the whole group, not just one bulb. Any ideas?

I could easily just leave the switches on the Hue bridge, but another project is to be able to simultaneously turn off my Nanoleaf canvas at the same time as I turn off the lounge lights. I can do this with a virtual switch, where if the lounge light switch is off the canvas turns off too, but this doesn't work if I turn the lights off with the dimmer switch.

Any help would be gratefully received.

I also need to setup the scene cycle feature for my hue dimmers. Unless there is a community written app / driver, I intend to setup a global variable in rule machine that I move through numbers 1 to N, then back to 1 if you keep pressing the on button or a timeout period expires where no more presses are detected. In the same rule I would react to a change in value for this variable by adjusting the scene.

If I get around to setting this up I'll try and remember to post back here with my setup.

The following app may give you some of what you are looking for. I have been using it for a while now and love it.

You will need to have it control your individual bulbs for dimming to work.

Unless you use CoCoHue, where I implemented the "Start Level Change" command on groups too. :slight_smile: That's the command you need to see to use a device with the "while held" or "until released" smooth dimming options. Dimming up or down by a specified a mount will, of course, work with any level-capable device.

Oh cool! I didn’t realize this! I’ll have to try CoCoHue one of these days... :grin:

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