Help with HTML Tile; Specifically embedding Grafana

I have been struggling off and on with embedding an iframe into a dashboard tile. Specifically I want to embed my Grafana dashboards into the Hubitat dashboard.

I tried following the process in this thread but could not get Grafana to load or any other website in an iframe. Maybe I am using the wrong Tilemaster device?

Any help troubleshooting this would be much appreciated. Tagging @bptworld as I believe he wrote the Tilemaster device.

I have never used Grafana (don't even know what it is to be honest) so I won't be of much help. Is it already a device in Hubitat? If it is, just use an attribute tile to show the data. No need for TileMaster.

I would be happy to get ANY iframe working at this point.

Grafana is a graphing and alerting program;