Help with Guest Presence

Hopefully this is the right place to post this question.

I am currently using the mobile app for presence detection on both my and my wife's phone to change modes. HSM is then set based on modes.

We have various guests coming and going at different times (cleaner, nanny, etc.).

We also have a Z-wave lock and can successfully disarm HSM based on their lock codes. However the problem occurs when they arrive while we are home and then we both leave while they are still there. Hubitat sees both of our phone as not present so it arms HSM while the guest is still in the house.

I'd prefer not to give guests fob type presence sensors or install keypads and ask them to arm/disarm since this will likely get forgotten.

Any ideas on how to automate this?

Is there Motion in the house during that 'exit scenario'? In other words, if the cleaner or nanny are at the other side of the house when you exit, can motion in that area only, prevent arming?

Does the cleaner or nanny bring something they set down? Can you add a pressure mat or beam interrupter to detect their "item" is in the house?

Personally what I do is put the house in guest mode manually. Which then won't arm HSM if everyone who has a presence sensor leaves

However - if you want to automate it, you could have the house change modes to a guest mode when they enter their code on the lock. Then (assuming they leave the door unlocked until they leave) make the house auto arm if the front door locks while in guest mode.

I've thought about this too. One idea I had is to offer them the use of my WiFi while they are here. Then find their device ip address (would need something that flags recent new IP's allocated) , make it permanent against their macid and bingo next time they come you can identify them using the community iPhone WiFi connect app. Until they change their phone or their battery dies lol

How about a button to press when they enter.
The button could activate guest mode and also make an announcement to tell the guest that the alarm has been turned off.

This might be my best option. I will experiment. Thanks.

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I don't think you want a button to turn off your security system. Maybe prevent it from automatically rearing, but not disarming.

After much trial and error, I've found that using a virtual presence sensor works the best. I then have a virtual switch that, when on, changes the virtual presence to arrived, and when off, changes the virtual prsesnce to off. I then have the virtual switch on my dashboard and wall mounted tablet so that I can manually turn on guest mode when home or away. The tile for guest mode on the wall mounted tablet is also protected by a pin code. Also, the lock codes associated with grandparents, housecleaner, etc. turn the virtual guest mode switch on, which then toggles the virtual presence to arrived. It is nice this way as I can see on my dashboard or wall tablet when guest mode is on.

Currently I just have it set up so that the guest mode virtual switch turns off after 6 hours which then puts the house in away mode and arms HSM. This covers the situations where grandparents pickup kids from daycare and bring them home and we get home later in the evening or when we are away and a neighbour comes over to feed the cat.

However, I would like to find a way, similar to the OP, to have guest mode turn off when the guest leaves. I don't think triggering on the door locking will work as I know guests sometimes lock the door behind them when they arrive. Perhaps a trigger along the lines of:

  1. door unlocked
  2. certain motion sensors are inactive for x amount of time

This would cover the situation where the guest forgot to lock the door behind them when they left as well I suppose.

How are others accomplishing this?

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This could be accomplished by have a simple button next to the door that users hit while exiting. The ST button is only $15. Then the Virtual switch could turn off and HSM could arm and the lock could lock. I would think that would be pretty easy for guests to do.

Hey @ryan780, that's definitely likely the easiest way but would be nice to automate if possible so that I don't have to explain the process to guests and don't have to worry about them forgetting to hit it. I imagine just triggering a rule after there has been no motion for a period of time once the door was unlocked by a guest would work, no?

Although, sometimes my mother-in-law just parks herself on the couch for hours on end so this may not work for her user code but would probably work for the neighbors coming in to feed the cat and leaving right after. Although sometimes my mother in law will come to feed the cats and leave right after too. Hmmm...

I would think it would actually be easier for people who DON'T do it all the time. I know if I was going over to feed your cat, I'd have the code I have to use written down. I'd also have the location of the food and how much to give them and whatnot. Adding to press a button would be the easiest part of the process.

I would think it would be more difficult for folks who come over more frequently, like the mother-in-law. But then again, if the alarm went off on her, wouldn't that be okay (especially if you caught it on camera)? hehe

But yes, doing it with motion sensors is possible but you're always going to be either arming too late or getting false armings. You just have to decide which is worse.