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Hi all,
I have set up a Google Mini with my Hubitat per the documentation and with Chromecast integration. My issue is it is not accepting or executing commands. Previously I had set it up with Safety Monitor hooked up to water sensor. It wasn't working properly, I noticed my uriQ was a mile long with mp3's ("Water detected"). I enabled, "Stop after TTS" and tried to refresh but still nothing so I reinstalled the Google Home to Hubitat altogether. My uriQ list is now just what I have been trying to send it with the "Speak" command on the device page. It doesn't accept volume up or volume down commands from Hubitat either. When I turn the volume up or down on the Google Home app, the Hubitat device page updates it with the correct volume. The IP is correct.

I'm not sure where to go from here, can anyone provide assistance? Screenshots below.

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If you just want the phrase “water detected” spoken, you do that in a rule machine rule. You don’t need an MP3. Or do I misunderstand your intention?

Here’s an example. I’m using my Sonos for this example, but it would be done the same way with the Chromecast Integration

That will have nothing to do with the Chromecast integration. They are totally separate things.

Where do you see the IP in Hubitat?

When you go into the Chromecast App in Hubitat, what do you see? Is it able to discover your speaker?

After reading your description, I do not believe this is a problem with your rule since you don't get TTS from the edit device page either.

Hi SmartHome,
I've experimented with all kinds of rules. I don't believe that is the issue as I cannot issue any command to the Google Home from the device page even. (FYI - I believe Hubitat coverts the "voice command" into an mp3 file for hubitat to play). You can see the Hubitat is issuing the commands to play in the uriQ variable, however they are "backlogged" and not playing.

Hi Ryan,
The IP in hubitat for the Google home is the same in Hubitat (device page) as my router shows so I'm pretty certain that's alright (especially because when I change the volume thru the Google app, the hubitat updates to the new volume). The google home just wont take commands from Hubitat for some reason.

Yes, I ran discovery thru Chromecast integration, everything looks fine there.(screenshot below).

Are you able to set the volume using the Chromecast Integration device?

Have you tried hitting Initialize or Refresh on the edit device page?

I have tried both initialize and refresh. I can't tell if they are doing anything, it certainly doesn't look like it. They aren't logging anything in the Events page of the device.

I do not see any volume controls in the "Chromecast Integration" app, just discovery. When I try to change the volume via the device page of the Google Home (found thru chromecast integration app discovery), nothing happens.

no, on the edit device page.

Attempting to change the volume in the edit device page does nothing. I have tried volumeup, volumedown, and setvolume.

You still have two messages in your queue that have not played. I would try rebooting your mini (pull the power on it) and if that doesn't work, I would try removing the device and then re-discovering it in the Chromecast app in HE. Then try and send a message using the speak command in the Edit Device page.

I rebooted the mini, reinstalled it thru the chromecast app in HE, then tried the speak command thru the Edit Device page....still no audio.

This time i did "install" my TV Chromecast when I rediscovered the google home at the same time. I have found that I can send audio commands to my TV Chromecast with no problem, however the Mini still is silent...

Do you have Do not disturb on for your mini? Or is it muted? Or do you have the volume set to 0?

It will play audio normally through Android (ie: Spotify thru Chromecast). The volume is 90, DnD is off, and its not muted.

I don't know then because Hubitat uses the same function your phone does to cast audio to the speaker. The link it provides is to the hub. What do you have your default voice set for in Hubitat? What are you putting into the speak command? Can you show your edit device page again? Do you have a url in the queue? If so, copy that URL into your browser and see what comes up.

Hi Ryan. Thanks for your suggestions. I unlinked the mini from a google account entirely, then re-ran the initial Google Home setup, then rediscovered in Hubitat, and now it's working fine. Not entirely sure why that did it, however everything looks fine now. Finicky, it seems. It's also working fine with the safety monitor water alerts. Thank you for your suggestions and time today.

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See, linking it to your google account shouldn't have affected anything because you never enter your google username to get the Chromecast Integration working in the first place. So, I don't know what that fixed...important part is it's fixed.

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Interesting. Perhaps it was one of you suggestions, or even a combination of such. Either way, we got it fixed. Thanks for your help Ryan.

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