Help with Functions... Away/Home, Sirens


I'm a Iris shutdown refugee and I'm working on getting my Hubitat set up as a security system (initially). I had a couple questions I could use some clarification from other ex-Iris users or in general.

  1. When using the Iris Keypad IL02_1. I have no problem setting up "Armed Away" using the keypad's ON button and "Armed Home" using the PARTIAL button. However I tried changing the "Use Partial Button to Arm Night" option and if I have anything setup in the "Armed Night" section the keypad will not Arm to Away... only to Night. Any ideas?

  2. When I disarm using the keypad from any mode, I get several seconds of beeping out of the keypad afterwards. Any ideas on could be causing it? It's not crucial, just annoying.

  3. Is it possible to setup the system to determine whether to arm as Away or Home based on whether there is a change in a contact "door" sensor. Similar to how a normal security system would do?

  4. I have a generic zigbee plug in outlet that I'm using to trigger a hardwired non-smart siren. I have figured out how to setup to turn this outlet on in the Lights Alerts settings. But what I want to know is if there is a way to shut off this outlet once the system has been disarmed.

I appreciate any help... thanks, Robert

It has been some time since I have configured my HSM with a IL02, so all of this is from memory. If I recall correct, the IL02 ONLY allows for Home arming when using the PARTIAL button. I have for all intents and purposes no Night arming.

I guess, in theory, one could use RM to tweak the arming... One could let the IL02 arm as HOME, which can trigger a RM event that checks for time of day, and then change the HSM to arm Night as appropriate.

Personally, if I am home, the time doesn't matter to me, so my arm settings would technically be the same for Home and Night (I know others have differing requirements). As a result being armed Home for me works in all situations.

As an aside, I have configured RM events to speak warnings via Echo devices if (strategically placed sensor) motion is detected at any of my doors and the system is armed.

  1. I had the same issue that if I turned on the use partial button to arm night that it would do that but wouldn't arm away with on while that option was enabled.

  2. The beeping is announcing the grace period changes I think. On disarm I usually get a few beeps but on arming it beeps for like 15 seconds.

  3. Not that I'm aware of via HSM. You could probably do it with RM instead.

  4. You could setup a RM rule to shut off the smart plug when HSM is disarmed or when HSM alerts are canceled.

Thanks for the info.

Like GatVlieg said, the whole HOME/NIGHT thing really doesn't matter. For my application HOME works just fine.

And I did figure out that I could use RM to disarm the switch. Thanks!