Help with false positive motion lighting. Sensors picking up motion from wrong room

So I have been struggling with this one and tried a number of options. My problem is I have motion sensors in the hallway, living room and family room. When I walk from the family room to the kitchen or the hallway to the bedroom.... the living room motion sensor will trip. When i'm in the living room that is the only sensor that can see me.

What I've been trying to setup is:

Trigger Living Room Motion

Living room motion is active AND
Hallway or Family Room Motion has not been active for 2 seconds or more
THEN Turn on living room lights
Cancel delays

Else If
Living room motion inactive turn off the lights in 10 minutes (delay cancelable)

I've tried looping in a private boolean and also delays but it never seems to get the syntax right. I'm just trying to get them to trigger when i'm in the room but not when I'm passing by.

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Try Zone Motion Controller built in app. I think it is what you are wanting. There are a couple ways to use this, either to aggregate sensor, have a motion zone, or to have false motion reduction. I think you would use false motion reduction if I am reading your post correctly.
Zone Motion Controllers - Hubitat Documentation

This creates a new virtual device that you would then use in whatever app. I would suggest trying the built in Motion Lighting app, it will be much easier than using Rule Machine.

Looking over this I'm still struggling to see how this works. All of these options seems to bring sensors to work together. Where as I want one to turn on only if the other two haven't been on for 2 seconds.

looking through the built in app as well i see no options which would do what i've mentioned. It seems easy to aggregate motion sensors. But not so much with what i've described

Take a look at the Event Engine community may be able to do what you want w/out you having to do any complex rules.

It has the option to have both active and inactive motion sensor requirements.

You might be able to make this work for you.

If you can't get the other methods to work, it can be done in Rule Machine, using two fairly small rules. Let me know if you want the details.