Help with excluding gocontrol door switches

So I have some gocontrol wadwaz-1 door switches that I am having issues with. 1 of the 3 switches went into pairing mode as soon as I installed the battery, like they are supposed to do. The other 2 though wont go into pairing mode. The light just stays solid. I believe I need to unpair or exclude the switches which I have tried to do. I go into settings, click on z-wave details and click z-wave exclude. Then install battery into switch and depress program/tamper switch. Light starts blinking for about 10 to 15 seconds and then quits. Nothing ever pops up on the hubitat control. Is this a compatibility issue or user error ?

Nope. Did you then try to add the sensor back in to Hubitat after doing the Exclude? You're not excluding a device known to Hubitat just a General Exclude so nothing will pop up on Hubitat.

yes , after the light flashes on the switch for about 10 seconds it quits and goes out. I would then expect to take the battery out, reinstall the battery and the light should start flashing as it would be in pairing mode, but when doing this, the light just comes back on solid and hub cannot see it.

I bought four kits containing a total of eight contact sensors and four motion sensors. Motion sensors paired fine as did five of the eight contact sensors. I'm experiencing the exact same issue with three of the eight. I emailed the seller and explained what was happening and they sent three replacements. Two of the three paired. So now I've got four doing the same thing. I've tried pretty much every sequence and option I could try. It seems like they are just going to be a loss. At $15 each, I guess you get what you pay for.

If the device isn’t showing the right blinking pattern to indicate it’s in pairing mode, then it may not have excluded correctly. Sometimes it’s a real PITA to properly exclude a z-wave device. They can be annoyingly specific re: the exclusion procedure, sometimes the manual doesn’t even include the correct procedure, etc. It can take several tries to get it right.

Even if the devices are new, have you tried excluding? Sometimes that works even with brand new devices. The cost was low because that’s an older generation pack of sensors that you picked up. Many people use inexpensive sensors from brands like xiaomi, or iris (when devices were on sale, and before Lowe’s canned the iris platform) with great success, although those examples are both zigbee sensors and the exclusion process is specific to z-wave. But I have several of the same contact sensors that are just another brand name, and I was able to use them with both ST and HE without major issues.

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I just went through removing and adding 4 of these a week ago. I did go through excluding them from my old system, but I also went through the exclude process before I added them to HE. Since I could watch the realtime Zwave logs on my old system it was easy to see when I was successful and when I was not. From the manual, the exclude process does not include battery removal, just the tamper switch press.

"Press the Program switch of WADWAZ-1 for 1 second and release to be excluded.
The LED light will flash continuously when the sensor is in the Exclusion condition."

I found that the one-second press on the tamper switch was just that. A simple tap was not enough.

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Only exclude one device per "exclusion activity" with the hub. So,

  1. Go into exclusion on the hub.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Go to another menu on the hub..wait...then go back into exclusion on the hub.
  4. Press button on #2.

This might not strictly be "necessary" but when you have a finicky device it couldn't hurt to try, right?

Also, there should be a procedure to factory reset the device. Usually holding the button longer. Try this as well.

yeah, tried ll of these. Even called gocontrol tech support and they claim no way to reset device other than exclusion from hub. They seem to think these are defective switches.