Help with error

Every now and again it get these errors in the log any ideas?

When you click on the red error box in the logs what does it take you to? Guessing the lights... Can you click save again in there and see if it goes away?

Yea takes me to the light switch, Clicked configure and save have to see 2moz if it does it again

Still some this morning

SQL errors usually indicate an issue with the database.
I would try a reboot to see if that fixes it.
If not try a backup followed by a soft reset.
Hopefully that will do the trick. :crossed_fingers:

Tried that 1st

Reboot, soft reset or both?
If both I think your next option is a ticket into support.

Both, my go to for sql errors is a backup and soft
Guess so if no one has any other ideas to check

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I get these every now and then with my nue switches and haven't had any issues.

Same for me just annoying

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