Help with error message using Dark Sky

I keep getting the below error message using Dark Sky weather report from my dashboard:

This is a screen capture of the virtual device:

It seems to be working okay and reporting correctly but the "error" just bothers me... Any ideas?

In general, it is a better idea to post issues with a driver on the thread where you found the driver. That way the developer who wrote it can easily find it. Doing it in this way relies on them running along your post. Short of that, you should tag the developer.

So, tagging @Matthew on this one.

Thanks! ...Didn't know how to get it to the developer but I did find a thread that @Matthew was on and also included the post there.

The driver is "Weather-Display With Forecast Driver" V- 4.3.2, (10/02/2019).

Just to follow up on this. OP was using the wrong driver. They were using the version that requires a PWS and they did not have one. Pointed them to the No-PWS required version of the driver and issue was resolved.

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