Help with Discovering Devices from Hubitat with Echo Dot


I have the skills app loaded in Hubitat and I selected all the devices I want to control, and the Amazon Alexa App on my phone. The Hubitat Skill is loaded in the amazon echo app.

The dot does not find any devices. I know I am missing a step but I am new to this alexa thing.

What step(s) am I missing? thanks


Sometimes you need to ask Alexa to update your devices if you've made any changes.


Is update devices different from discover devices?


I'm probably mixing up my terms as I switched to Google but yes. They're the same.


Ok, I have asked the dot to discover devices but it says there are no devices to discover.


I know there are two Alexa integrations in Hubitat.
Which one are you using?
Or did they finally get rid of the older less functional one...


echo skill and echo app


I believe Skill is the one that should be used.


I just tried them both and I get the same result


Huh, other than making sure your hub is up to date I would maybe reach out to support then.
What types of devices are you trying to add?


Only devices that are controllable like switches and bulbs


Yup, then I would go ahead and reach out to support because it sounds like you're doing everything right.
Hopefully it's not a regional issue.
I don't know what countries are supported.
I think US and UK have their own that are bundled accordingly.


Please check your PM


Thanks everyone. Support has already fixed this for me. Very impressed!


I just started having a similar problem. I have added devices to Echo Skill app and they showed up in Alexa no problem. Just added 3 more and they don't show up. tried several times. Told Alexa to discover, no luck. These last 3 are virtual contact sensors.


Contact and Motion sensors are not yet supported by the Hubitat Alexa Skill. There is no simple way to trigger an Alexa Routine currently.


That's strange. All my other contact sensors show up in Alexa and trigger routines ok. So not sure what you are saying.


Hubitat contact sensors? Are you sure? Or are those SmartThings contact sensors? I am not aware of anyone who has Hubitat contact sensors showing up in Alexa. If so, that must be a new version of the Hubitat Alexa Skill... :thinking:


Well, this apparently turns out to be one of those things aren't what they seem.

I went into ST and made sure I didn't have any devices selected to go to Echo. Then went to the Echo app on my phone and deleted the ST devices. Then went into HE app and added the devices in the Echo Skill app. Went back to Alexa app on my phone and the devices were there. For some reason the ST devices showed back up and I just assumed they were HE's. And the 1 routine I tested was a device that I hadn't gotten ported over to HE yet and didn't realize it.

Tried deleting the ST devices again, they just wouldn't go away. Tried going on the Web Browser interface to Echo and did some forgets. But they still keep coming back. Getting real strange.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.... I guess I need to delete the ST skill all together and see if that works.