Help with Daikin Mini Split integration

I just installed a Daikin Mini Split and am looking for suggestions on ways to possibly integrate it with HE. I've read about Cielo Breez but have not seen where there is a driver for it. I've read about Sensibo but it appears there's some issues with it being chatty and overloading the hub. Then there's the remotec zxt-600 but looking around on their site it seems to get to the IR codes is a subscription service.

All I'm really after is the ability to change the temp setpoints, on/off based on presence. Being able to control some of the other attributes such as fan speed and the swing position would be a plus.

Any input of the current status of these drivers or anything else I may have missed would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Directly compatible with HE


Thanks. Looking on their site it appears the ir codes are behind a paywall. Also is there a list of what attributes would be exposed?

No, IR codes come with it and are in the manual... Pretty much if it can be done via the remote in can be done by the 600. I have one I use for my LG...

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So would those remote control functions be available as attributes for rules?

Wow, looks like Daikin rules for ir codes.

As indicated by @rlithgow1, you can use the Remotec ZXT-600 for infrared control of your Daikin mini-split.

The other choice is to get the Daikin DKN Plus interface module and use any conventional zigbee or z-wave thermostat to control it (or even a Hubitat compatible WiFi thermostat like the ecobee).


Interesting, thanks for the info.

Since you can hook up a z-wave thermostat to the DKN Plus interface @aaiyar posted, that would be better as you would get feedback from the thermostat, whereas the zxt-600 is one way communication only.


Yeah - but the zxt-600 is far more economical! Those interfaces are $250-300 + another $50-100 for the thermostat.

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The Daikin wifi modules work and there are drivers available that allow them to work with HE (search the forum/Github), but neither are great. I find I can turn the units off and set the mode (heat/cool/off), and adjust the temp, but that's about it. Changing fan speeds and such not available. The lousy Daikin iOS app isn't any better.

I haven't tried the Daikin module that lets you use a regular thermostat, but if the cost is about the same as the current price of the wifi module I would probably try that.

We have Daikin minisplits in our home but tried a Mitsubishi in another building we purchased. MUCH better unit and app! We won't be buying more Daikins but Mitsubishi is a definite contender for future business.

I've been pretty happy with the LG and they do have a dry contact module for them for use with a regular thermostat, but I am unsure if they have all the things I need in it. I believe for the vent flaps for my cassettes the remote is still needed.


There is no conventional thermostat that will control those with finesse. Basically, you'll get fully open or closed.


Be nice if I could get a zwave or zigbee control to interface. In the end though the zxt does what I need and it hasn't misfired. It has a temp sensor in it so as long as it's close to whatever the cassette says 72-74 is I'm happy :grinning: And it can be used to closel, open, and adjust the vents.


Thanks for this information. I ordered one today. Other than a delay in a signal being sent, the need to replace batteries and it being a non repeater do you see any other negatives with running this on battery?

@rlithgow1 , got it. Thanks for the follow-up.

I'm talking about using the zxt-600 on battery power.

Lol, that was meant for another thread.... Sorry... too many windows open, will delete

To answer your question. You can use a usb cable and wallwart to power it. If you pair it while using usb to power it, it will become a repeater. I haven't noticed a real delay in it. That said, I don't usually see it. I have a rule set up that whatever the 1st floor thermostat is, set the 3rd floor cassettes to the same temp. The unit has temp in it so I use that to gauge what's up on that floor.

Yeah, I'm thinking about not using USB to power it. I want to wall mount it and not really a wall outlet convenient to the spot and don't want the cable just hanging down the wall.

I read there was a small delay in processing the signal on battery but my main purpose will be to turn off or change temp setpoint on presence change.

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