Help with C8 replacing Wink2 Hub

So, I 'm basically trying to recreate my Wink2 configuration in my home, which I set up years ago without much problem. Here's a sketch of my physical layout, pretty much to scale.

NOTE: All these bulbs are brand new out of the box. The TP-Link Extenders (RE) are Wifi, not Zigbee extenders.

Everything went fine this morning, 8 out of 9 bulbs paired without complaint. But when I got to bulb GD (Garage Side Door) it just wouldn't take. Two brand new bulbs failed to start the Zigbee pairing process. These are INNR bulbs, recommended to me here a few weeks ago.

So, here's my thinking. This configuration worked fine before, I'd kinda expect the new C8 to be superior to the Wink2, and my configuration shouldn't be an issue. My thoughts go to Zigbee mesh setup time (" How to Build Your Zigbee Mesh") . So questions on that:

  1. Is there a chance that once the mesh of the existing bulbs firms up that this last bulb will finally wake to the pairing process?
  2. Should I be concerned about the proximity of the TP-Link Extender that's about 6 feet from the problematic bulb?
  3. Which is the better process for getting the mesh to be strong: Turning off the the Hubitat for 20 minutes, or leaving everything turned on for a couple of days?

Yes and no, interference can definitely be an issue between ZigBee and Wi-Fi.
Check this info regarding selecting proper channels.


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