Help with buttons

Just experimenting here with the different types of devices that HE supports.
I got a samsung ST GP-U999SJVLEAA button, added the device and I'm able thru RM to turn ON/OFF a light using click/doubleclick/hold.
However, I'm confused on the "button number" field. I started with 0, and ended up with 1 working.
What is this number supposed to reference? in the device settings for the button, I don't have a number assigned to this button, however, the only "1" I see is the Data/Endpoint:1 number. Would that be it?
If add another button would the endpoint be 2?


That would be for button devices that have more than 1 button..

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HA! that didn't even occur to me :slight_smile:
Thank you.
The problem that started this quest was HSM.
In HSM, playing around with this as well, I am able to use the button to ARM the system. However it seems to only allow a single press. I don't see the options I see in RM to use doublepress/hold. I wonder if it's by design or if I'm missing a setting somewhere.

What capability are you using for your trigger? .. Button or Button Device?

In the configure arming/disarming/cancel options
I see,
Use buttons pushed to arm/disarm
"Arm-away with this button(s) device pushed"

I may have a gap in my knowledge for button vs button device.

Can you screen shot your trigger events? For your rule

HSM only supports using pushed nativly in HSM. If you want to use any other button action you have to set up a rule in Rule Machine.


See, it says "pushed" right there. Push is the only capability that is common to ALL buttons. Having double tapped or held isn't common to all button devices.

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Ahh .. I thought he was talking about a RM Rule


Thanks Ryan, ya this was kind of tough to find in the docs, a lot refers to the button controllers app.
No biggie tho, as I'm just learning more about these capabilities. It seems I have a to keep buying devices to discover more :slight_smile:

You can use rule machine to do this also if you want to use a different action. All of the controls of HSM are available in Rule Machine.