Help with Bulb and Dimmer Sync


I bought the Philip Hue Tap Dial Switch

I am using this community driver however I am not sure how to get the physical dial to change the level of my bulb. Can someone please help me figure out how I can make a rule so that my bulbs mirror the level of the dial?

Any number of options could work, but the easiest option is probably the built-in Mirror app:

In the mirror app, It won't let me select this device, any reason why?

Edit - Could it be the driver causing this?

Hmm, maybe because it doesn't have a "switch" attribute... :thinking:

Do you know how I can add that?

You would have to modify your custom driver to somehow track an internal "switch" state, perhaps toggling it in response to a press on a specific button or however you want that to work. (How to do this isn't easy to explain in a single forum post unless you are already familiar with driver development, but the keys will be capability "Switch", on() and off() commands, and sendEvents() for the event/attribute named "switch" with values "on" or "off"...)

Alternatively, you could take another approach: use an app like Rule Machine, triggered with the level of the dial changing, and a set of actions that sets the level on your desired bulbs to that same level. The "Track Event Dimmer" option under Set Dimmers and Bulbs > Set Dimmer makes this pretty simple if you trigger off the Tap Dial changing level:

There are undoubtedly many other ways this could also be done.

WOW, you know how much time I spent trying to figure this out... Thank you, this is def a great start! I can dim now using the Dial, although not as smooth as I would like it, it is working.

Thank you for the time you took to reply to me!

Random, would you know how to make it adjust the light by 5 instead of copy the dimmer exactly? Maybe that would smooth it out.

Easiest way would probably be to use Button Controller and respond to the button events from the device (whatever those real-world actions correspond to in your driver). The "Adjust dimmer" action in Button Controller, which is very similar to Rule Machine, can do things like up or down 5 steps (or whatever value you put in). I'd your device does push, hold, and release and your devices support the Start Level Change and Stop Level Change commands, there's an even smoother way you could do this with the "Start raising/lowering..." action and friends, but that might be another number topic...

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I will give that a try. Thank you!