Help with basic rule and Schlage zwave connect

I created a basic rule for my Schlage Connect zwave deadbolt to unlock as my iPhone becomes present. However, it's not unlocking my deadbolt. Prior to swapping to Hubitat, I was running the same automation with ST successfully.. Can you guys tell me what I may be doing wrong? Forgive my ignorance.. I've only been using Hubitat for a couple of weeks.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Post what you have so far for the rule. Also, I assume you've verified the presence sensor is changing correctly? Just a warning, I've had my presence sensor change to away and back a few times while we were at home so it may unlock unexpectedly if that happens if you get the rule working.


To add to what @Terk has written, have you confirmed that your deadbolt works reliably when using the device page?

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Yes, I can lock it and unlock it using the app.

You are better off using multiple presence sensors on the combined presence sensor app. I use my phone and a fob to ensure triggering. (My phone usually has enough time to come out of sleep to help trip)


I just realized that it’s not showing that my iPhone has left or returned.

Are you using high accuracy presence?

Let me check

Where would I find this Information?

Hubitat mobile app, Settings, Advanced

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