Help with Activation (Motion & Illuminance)

Hi All,

I am using room lighting with motion as a trigger, and illuminance not being greater than as a limit activation. Works well...except....

If motion is already active (i.e. when I am in the room) when the illuminance falls below the specified value.

Is there something I can do in the RL instance, such that if motion is ALREADY active when the illuminance falls below the limit value the instance is activated and the lights come on? I did try adding illuminance below as another trigger, the effect of that is that every time illuminance reports a change and it is below the trigger, the lights come on even when motion is inactive.

Is the answer add 'illuminance below' as an additional trigger, and motion inactive as a limit activation? In my mind that seems incorrect as you effectively have 2 triggers and 2 limits fighting against each other?

I'm sure I am missing something given the power of RL.

Current Rule attached


It's not clear exactly what you want here. Do you want the illuminance falling to turn on the lights only when there is also motion active?

The various Means to Activate effectively have an OR between them, and as you've found, if you just add an illuminance Means to Activate, that alone would activate the lights (i.e., even when there is no motion). If what you want is to activate when illuminance falls but only if there is also motion active (an AND between the two), you'd need to do that in a separate rule, using something like a Hub Variable to communicate between that rule and this one. That is, the other rule (in RM) would set the variable to true when the conditions are met, and set it to false when they aren't met, and this Room Lights would use that variable becoming true as the Means to Activate (instead of Motion).

Hi Bruce. Thanks - It sounds like what i want to do is not possible and will need an extra rule.

Just for for clarity, which to be fair to you I think you managed to decode:

I want the lights to come on when there is motion in the room and illuminance is below a certain level - that works great.

The issue is, when there is motion in the room before it gets dark enough, when the illuminance falls low enough, the lights dont come on - you have to go out the room, motion becomes inactive, and then go back in the room before the rule triggers.

I understand what you are saying for the extra rule setup. That makes sense - ill set that up. Thank you for your help/direction!